Pictures With Certain Dog Breeds Might Get You More Matches On Dating Apps!

Your four-legged friend might also be your best wingman. It’s no secret that having a pooch in your dating app profile pic gets you more attention from almost everyone that isn’t a cat person but here’s something you probably didn’t know. Your photo can’t just be with any old dog.It was to be with the right kind.

It turns out that dog breed prejudice is quite real and your furbaby’s family lineage can make or break whether someone swipes right on you.Canine Cottages figured this out by making a bunch of different fake dating app profiles featuring dogs and they noticed a serious difference in how many matches some doggos reeled in compared to others.

According to their results, men tend to be into women with Staffordshire bull terriers, chihuahuas, or a mixed breed. Women on the other hand are looking for a man with a Jack Russell but also swoon for labradors or cockapoos. It should be noted that the study was conducted in the U.K. and dog breed preferences are likely to vary geographically.So your best bet is probably to adopt every dog at the shelter and do some market research yourself.