These Are The Habits We Failed To Change ALREADY In 2021

Now that we are finally in 2021, a lot of people are probably doing their best to stick to the resolutions they made for the New Year, but if last year was any indication, they are likely to fail.

A new survey finds:

  • The average person usually sticks to their New Year’s resolution for about 36 days.
  • Last year the average person attempted 19 new habits, but wound up giving up on all but four of them.
  • Among the top habits folks tried:
    • A new exercise routine (34%)
    • A new hobby (31%)
    • A new cooking regimen (29%)
  • Top habits folks triedand failedin 2020 include
    • A new wakeup time (13%)
    • Meditation (12%)
    • Going to bed earlier (10%)
    • Journaling (10%)
    • Checking the news (9%)

But failure isn’t stopping folks from making new resolutions this year.

  • The most popular health-related goals for 2021 include:
    • Eating better (39%)
    • Managing stress better (33%)
    • Exercising more consistently (30%)

So, what exactly is keeping people from keeping their resolutions each year?

  • Well, the biggest issue is that folks have a hard time seeing the results of all their work (39%).
  • Others challenges include:
    • Tracking my progress (35%)
    • The difficulty of doing things consistently (32%)
    • Being held accountable (27%)
    • My old habits are very ingrained (25%)

Source:SWNS Digital