The Funniest Reasons Couples Have Gotten Mad At Each Other

Not all relationship squabbles are built the same. For every soap opera level barn burner of an argument you have with your boo, there’s five more fights that feel huge at the moment but are actually comically trivial when you think about them later on. Here are a few examples of those types of verbal brawls from some folks on Twitter.

  • Phone Zone.Here’s a fight brought to you in part by FOMO and the wonders of smartphones.@TheCatWhisprer ’s wife got mad at him “for fast-forwarding through a commercial because she wanted to use that time to look at her phone.”
  • Food Fight.If you don’t know how loud of a chewer you are, don’t worry because your boo will tell you at some point. As @simoncholland tweets, “if you think you might enjoy getting yelled at from another room for chewing too loud, maybe give marriage a try.”
  • Eye-Lid You.Sometimes you're in a mood where anything your partner does can set you off. But@mommajessiec may have taken things to a new level by admitting she’s gotten mad at her husband for “blinking aggressively.”
  • Sleep Jealousy.In the course of your relationship, you’ll probably be saying sorry for a lot of things. And a lot of them will have you wondering ‘wait… what did I just apologize for?’ For example,@Social_Mime had to “apologize to [his] wife for being able to sleep on a plane because she can’t.”Yikes.

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