Ways To Make The Most Of Your Winter Staycation

Staying home this holiday season? Lots of folks are doing it to ensure the health of loved ones, but this somewhat forced staycation may be a blessing in disguise. After a tough year, why not relax, unwind, and enjoy your time off - either by yourself or with your immediate family close by. Not sure what to do with yourself?Here are some ideas to help you appreciate staying home for the holidays:

  • Catch on movies you want to see- Been waiting to watch “The Crown” or “The Queen’s Gambit?” Now’s your chance. Or have a festive film fest with Hallmark movies and all your holiday favorites to keep you cozy on the couch.
  • Take long baths- Bring in your beverage of choice, a book or play some soothing music in the background and pretend you’re at the spa while you soak.
  • Clear out some space- While cleaning may not be fun, it can be therapeutic. Clearing the clutter that’s been building up in your house feels satisfying and freeing, kind of like a vacation.
  • Catch up with long-distance family members- Reconnect with your relatives and friends you haven’t talked to in a while and not only will you feel better, you’ll brighten their day, too.
  • Try out a new local restaurant- Show your support for a nearby small business by treating yourself to staycation takeout from a local restaurant.
  • Bake- Warm up your kitchen with a batch of homemade Christmas cookies or try your hand at the sourdough bread trend. And if you share your baked goods with a neighbor or friend? Even better.
  • Learn a new skill- Use your time off to try something you’ve always wanted to learn, like crocheting or speaking Italian. Since you won’t be traveling, you can spend your time on something you really enjoy and better yourself at the same time.

Source:Little Things