Scientists Have Calculated How Many Hot Dogs a Person Can Eat

Right now, all of the scientists in the world are focusing their collective brain power on figuring out how to beat this pandemic. Well . . . all of the scientists except this guy. Instead, he's calculating how many hot dogs a person can eat in one sitting.

Dr. James Smoliga is a veterinarian and exercise scientist at High Point University in North Carolina. And he spent months analyzing 39 years of data from the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest to figure out the human capacity for hot dogs.

His answer? The most hot dogs a person could eat in 10 minutes is 83.

That's based on our stomach capacity . . . even with the stretched stomach that a competitive eater might have.

Back on July 4th, Joey Chestnut. . . who's basically the Michael Jordan of competitive eating . . . put down 75 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to set a new world record.

So according to the study, he's only eight hot dogs away from the theoretical limit. 

(New York Times)