The Most Horrifying Things Folks Have Witnessed People Do On Airplanes

It’s no secret that when some people get on an airplane all semblance of manners go out the window. We’re constantly hearing about the truly gross behavior of some flyers, and a now a new Buzzfeed thread has folks sharing the most horrifying things they’ve witnessed on planes and it’s truly disgusting.

They include:

  • One woman writes that she was sitting next to a kid who before take off had to pee but couldn’t get up. When he couldn’t hold it any longer they say the mom, “handed him a folded up towel she had in her backpack and told him to sit on it and pee. He did. Right next to me."
  • “I was behind a man who had his S.O. lay across the seats with her feet on his lap. He began kissing and licking her feet and moaning.”
  • "The man next to me constantly had his hand behind the back of his neck and was doing weird little motions with his fingers. I eventually realized he was popping pimples and leaving the pus on the arm rest."
  • "I was next to a woman with two wild children on a 10-hour flight. At one point, the mom stood her 5 or 6-year-old son up on the middle seat next to me. She dropped his pants and opened a man-sized poop in his diaper. She cleaned it right in my face.”
  • "The lady next to me took her bra off about an hour into the flight while remaining seated."
  • "I watched a guy blow snot directly into his hand, wipe it into a vomit bag, and put it back in the seat pocket."
  • "A preteen boy masturbated next to me to the in-flight safety video."
  • “The man next to me pulled out a whole garlic bulb shortly after take off, then peeled and ate the cloves raw the whole flight."
  • "The person next to me had their foot propped up on the tray table, cutting their toenails. I still want to vomit when I think about it."


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