Bride Angry After Bridesmaid Hijacks Wedding Photographer!

After the wedding’s over, the only thing a couple has left of their big day is the bills, the memories and the photos, and it seems when it comes to her photos, one bride’s pics focus more on her bridesmaid than the bride, and she isn’t at all happy.

The newlywed recently shared on Mumsnet that she and her husband had a small wedding budget so they ordered a small photo package of just 300 photos and an album. But when she got the photos back she found out that 43 of the pics were of her bridesmaid, and her bridesmaid’s family. Not only that, she says the photos were taken at a location “that’s quite a distance from the reception,” which means the bridesmaid and her folks grabbed the photographer and went off “purposely to do [the photos] in private.” 

The newlywed asked posters whether she was being unreasonable for being upset that the bridesmaid hijacked her photos, and many folks felt she wasn’t, and even suggested she bill the bridesmaid.

“Ouch. I’d be asking for a discount… One or two of her family fair enough, but 43?!” one person shared, while another, noted, “Tell her you’ll put her photos onto a USB when she pays you 15 percent of the photography cost.” Another person suggested she only send part of the fee to the photographer, adding, “Tell her to chase the [bridesmaid] for the other quarter."

But there were some people who didn’t think it was that big of a deal, noting it really doesn’t take that long to take a lot of photos, while others wondered how the bride could have missed a missing photographer. As one put it, “You didn't notice that a bridesmaid, her family, and your photographer were MIA for such an extended period of time?”

Source:Fox News

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