So, A Good TV Show May Be Best Fix For Emotional Stress!

We talk a lot out our feelings and such these days – but there may be a downside to all this emotional awareness. Psychologist Katherine King warns that ‘facing our problems’ all the time, can overemphasize a problem...when what we really need is to step back from it.

According to King, we’ve lost the “art of distraction.” She says that instead of forcing ourselves to confront our feelings when they’re especially upsetting, there’s power in taking time out. She adds, “It does not serve our long-term wellbeing to continue to circle around a problem over and over again.” Basically, “distracting” gives our minds and bodies a break and gets us out of fight-or-flight mode so we can actually think things through more clearly.

That’s anything from taking a walk to meditation, but it can also be one of life’s simple pleasures, like watching a good show on TV. So when it all feels like too much, engage in something positive, like a Netflix binge and don’t beat yourself up for putting your troubles to the side for a while.


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