Women and Boomers Are Considered The Best Tippers!

Tipping for good service is the right thing to do, but there's no doubt some people are better tippers than others, and a new survey reveals who are the best tippers out there.

The poll finds that 77% of people say they always tip wait-staff at a sit-down restaurants, while 63% always tip their hairdressers. As for other service industries, folks always tip:

  • Food deliverers (63%)
  • Taxi and rideshare driers (49%)
  • Hotel housekeepers (27%)
  • Coffee shop baristas (24%) 

But when it comes to tipping, some folks are better at than others. According to the poll, women and Baby Boomers are considered the best tippers, with them more likely to always tip than men and Millennials. Interestingly though, they aren’t necessarily giving the best tips. In fact, female tippers tend to give a percentage point less than men at restaurants, while Boomers usually give about 5% less than Millennials.




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