"Soft Ghosting" Is A Thing

By now singles have gotten used to the cruel experience of being ghosted, but now there’s a new dating behavior to be on the lookout for: soft ghosting. It’s basically ghosting-lite and here’s how it works: Soft ghosting is when someone “likes” your last message but never says anything else. So technically, they DID respond, which means they didn’t hardcore ghost you, but then you don’t hear from them.

If classic ghosting is pure hell, soft ghosting is “texting purgatory.” It’s not nearly the same sting as being totally ghosted, but it definitely sends a clear message. Slow ghosting softens the blow of what’s coming next - the slow fade out - but it also leaves the door open in case they ever want to come back around since they didn’t full-on ghost you.

Soft ghosting can happen with anyone - it’s not just for romantic interests. You can slow ghost your friends, your happy hour-loving coworker, or the neighbor who really wants to hang out, but it’s always worse when it happens in dating. And if it happens to you, try not to jump to conclusions and give them time to reply. And if they don’t remember that there are plenty of non-ghosting fish in the sea.

Source:Huff Post



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