Sos Word of the Day: Subwaying

The next time you hear someone talk about subwaying, take note…because it sucks.We’re familiar with the “subway” that takes us from point A to point B,right? But there’s also another “subway,” which consists of casually dating then politely letting boo know that you’ve reached the end of the road in a quick text. Oh, and there’s no explanation.

And get this…some people think it’s totally OKAY?! So there’s a good chance you may be next in line for the arriving train…and if you’re pissed, most may tll you to suck it up. Why? Because they think the explaining is weirder than the disappearing.

As for how we even got here? It’s all thanks to good ole tech. No one wants to sit down to talk about anything anymore. “We are dating at a faster pace,” says sexologist Dr.Nikki Goldstein. “We have more choices and options and with that abundance of choices, we tend to quickly jump to the next thing if what we have isn’t 100% right.” And no, she’s not saying she supports it. “I’m not suggesting that’s a great idea,” Goldstein adds. “But many people are looking for perfection and feel they can find that if they keep moving on when things are not ideal.”Is that you?