Stop Being Jealous In Your Relationship!

Sometimes it makes your boo feel all loved when you’re a little one needs to see that all the time.Sometimes you’ve just gotta know when to tone it down or else…your boo will be your EX sooner than later. What to do? Your Tango has some hints for getting in the right headspace:

  • Understand the cause of your jealousy- If you think you’re unattractive and your boo wants to be with someone else you think is “more attractive,”understand that’s what’s causing all this jealousy.
  • Don't place restrictions on your partner- If you tell boo that he can’t go out with his boys because you think he’s going to hook up with someone else,he’s going to hate your guts after a while.
  • Make yourself let go when you feel jealous- Take a deep breath...and let that ish go!That ex-boo that cheated on youis NOT your current boo. Remember that.
  • Know that jealousy is a waste of your time- You’re creating these fake situations in your mind, and it’s only driving you crazy.“Some guy is going to talk to her because of this sexy outfit she’s wearing.”Or,“He’s been gone for an hour, so he must be cheating?”
  • Talk to them about why you feel that way- Lay everything out on the table about these jealous ways. At least if bae knows how you feel, you may save yourself from a lot more jealousy issues. Communication is key!
  • Stop comparing yourself to others- This is the WORST thing you can do to yourself. Turn those negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Trust your partner to be faithful- If you trust ‘em, you don’t have to sweat about being jealous.

Bottom line?If you don’t have trust, you have nothing.

Source:Your Tango



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