Ryan Reynolds Is Helping A Woman Find Lost Sentimental Teddy Bear

"Deadpool" Fan Event

"Deadpool" Fan Event

Having an incredibly prized and sentimental item stolen from you is an awful feeling. But for one Vancouver woman named Mara who recently had an incredibly special teddy bear stolen from her, the people coming to help her locate the bear are making the loss a little more bearable.

None other than Ryan Reynolds stepped in to help Mara find her bear and is offering a cash reward for anyone who can return to the bear to her.

But why is the bear so special and important? Inside the Build-A-Bear is a recording of the woman's mother, who passed away last year after battling cancer.

The message from her mom says "I love you, I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you.”

After hearing about the story over the weekend, Ryan tweeted that he was offering $5,000 for anyone who could return the bear to Mara - with no questions asked.

How exactly did this bear end up getting stolen, you might be wondering? Well, Mara and her fiance were moving apartments last week and she had the bear in a backpack. Sadly, that backpack was stolen in the move.

The bag also contained a book of blank checks, Soriano’s citizenship card, her and her future husband’s passports and social insurance cards along with an iPad and a Nintendo Switch.

Each of those items are valuable and no one would want to have them stolen. But obviously for Mara, the most important item in that backpack was the bear with the message from her mom.

The good news is that people are stepping up in a big way to help Mara relocate the bear.

A few other celebs have also tweeted this out but it’s unclear if they’ve helped uncover any leads. However, on Sunday... restaurant employees in Vancouver have provided security camera footage that could reveal the identity of the thief.


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