Taylor Swift managed to overshadow the Eclipse for a little bit yesterday. GIRL IS GOOD. She wiped her social media CLEAN over the weekend and then yesterday she posted a video of a reptile tail… people are debating on if it’s a snake or a dragon. no word on what the video is supposed to mean, although everyone believes it’s a tease for new music. And there’s even more evidence that TS6 is coming. 

A lyric website is listing a new Taylor Swift song called “Timeless,” which is apparently is registered under her name. Timeless.com, features a “Timeless” logo marked, “Coming Soon.” And according to US Weekly, Taylor Swift is releasing a “poppy” new single this Friday and that her album “isn’t too far away.”

There are also rumors that her album is space themed because of all these tiny clues... like the color scheme on her tumblr page is all SPACE related, she’s worn stars more often, some millionaire is sending a Taylor Swift CD to space, that cryptic post from Kesha saying she worked on a song with a grammy winner with 13 star emojis (Taylor's favorite number).  

Chrissy Teigen is cutting back on her drinking, maybe even going entirely sober.

she said she just drinking too much and then I felt bad for making kind of an ass of myself to people that I really respected. 

Chrissy adds that alcoholism runs in her family and points out that since she's on medications for postpartum depression and anxiety, and alcohol just doesn't help with that. 

Selena Gomez confirmed her upcoming album will feature a track with Mashmello, and she’s pretty excited about it.

She says it is one of her favorite songs she has made to date, describing it as more in his world musically, but she’s stepping into it and bringing her style to it.

And best of all, she says the album is nearly done and a lot more music is coming.

MORE celebrity nudes were hacked and leaked online yesterday . . . posting compromising photos of Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Katharine McPhee, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus. 

In the case of Tiger and Lindsey, sources say it was Lindsey's phone that was hacked . . . and there's a full-frontal shot of Tiger that he sent her when they were dating.

Both Tiger and Katharine have reportedly sent letters to the website, demanding that they take the photos down.  And Lindsey called this, quote, "an outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy."

Someone at a Target  in Los Angeles says that Angelina Jolie took her daughters Shiloh and Vivienne to the cafe inside — but they left because that location didn’t serve hot dogs.

IDK How anyone can go into a target and leave without spending at least 10 minutes in the dollar section and spending $50 on things they don’t need. Blows my mind.