Billie Eilish's TikTok Wardrobe Malfunction

The phrase "Wardrobe Malfunction" turned 17 years old this past January, and now one of the most popular singers in the world had one while shooting a choreographed Tik Tok video showing the behind the scenes of her new music video.

According to People Magazine:

To celebrate the drop of her latest track, "Lost Cause," the Grammy winner, 19, recreated some dance sequences from the slumber party-themed music video in a funTikTok. In the music video, Eilish danced in an oversized camel T-shirt and backward baseball cap while some of the other dancers modeledKim Kardashian's SKIMS loungewear. But for her TikTok, Eilish showed a little bit more skin in a plunging silky camisole blouse, which led to a few moments where she unintentional flashed the camera.

As she leaned forward while dancing around and accidentally exposed her chest, she hilariously covered herself up with a funny ghost emoji. She jokingly captioned the video, "titties was falling out."