Walgreens Selling a COVID-19 Saliva Test You Can Take at Home

Getting tested for COVID-19 is becoming easier these days. Walgreens has started selling an FDA-authorized COVID-19 saliva test that you can take at home. Walgreens is selling an at-home saliva-based PCR test kits that can deliver results in less than two days.

Robert Thompson, CEO at Clinical Reference Laboratory, says these kits deliver "highly accurate results with 100 percent sensitivity and specificity."

It doesn't need nasal swabs — instead, you spit into a vial and post it to a lab using a prepaid FedEx priority overnight shipping package.

If a customer tests positive, they are contacted by an independent telemedicine provider, who tells them what to do next.

Walgreens is the latest retailer to start selling FDA-authorized COVID-19 saliva tests that you can take at home, joining companies includingAmazon,Costco, andWalmart.