Monsta X Talks 'Who Do U Love' And More!

Monsta X are back state-side just in time to perform at our iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Stage, and of course had to stop by KIIS FM! The international, Korea based pop-stars dropped by the studio to chat with JoJo Wright about their new song "Who Do U Love" with French Montana, answer fan-questions and more!

New music is on the way for the group, but they couldn't say much. I.M shared that that band does have some recording sessions scheduled while in Los Angeles, but are keeping quiet on who exactly they are recording with. However in the meantime, fans can watch the video of their collaboration with French Montana here.

Described by JoJo as one of the strangest questions he had for the guys, one fan wanted to know if they "ever look in the mirror and dance and think 'my god I am so hot.'" Jokingly the boys affirmed that they had done this. Kihyun even showed off a gyrating dance move he learned while training for his K-POP group debut called the "wave pose."

Another fan was also hoping Minhyuk could clarify his extreme distaste of Cucumbers, so JoJo inquired after hearing that he can't stand the vegetable. The fan wanted to know if he was given the choice to eat ten cucumbers and "save Monsta X" and all the Monbebe, would he do it? Fortunately for all the Monsta X fans, they can consider themselves safe. Minhyuk made a deal with JoJo that he WOULD save the band and all the Monbebe - but only if he had to eat two instead of ten.

Watch the full interview below!