These Are The First Things People See When Looking At Your Dating Profile

Online dating app in smartphone. Man looking at photo of beautiful woman. Person swiping and liking profiles on relationship site or application. Single guy searching for love partner.

Photo: Getty Images

It might be time to change up your dating profile if you haven't in a while because a new survey just revealed the first things people actually look at on your dating profile and it's mostly your photos and spelling!

A recent survey found that a user's photo and videos were the first thing people obviously looked at on a dating app, but it was closely followed up with their spelling and grammar, and the types of content they post/follow.

Oddly enough, the survey also found that more than two-thirds of people have a favorite photo of themselves that they use for everything and we don't blame you. Get that shine where you can!

The even more interesting thing was that men were more likely to frame their profile photos from the waist up while women were more likely to frame their photos with just a close-up of their face.

You can read more from the survey HERE!

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