'Emotional Escape Rooms' Are The New Home Trend In 2022

man opening curtains in the morning

Photo: Getty Images

Do you have a room in your home where you go just to get away from everyone in your family or to hang out? Turns out a lot of us do because "emotional escape rooms" are the new trend in home buying.

Pinterest technically started the term, which refers to people using their spare rooms as place where they can listen to music, distract themselves, and do whatever else just to emotionally vent while working from home.

The even more interesting things is that Pinterest found that searches for music-themed rooms and home massage parlors have doubled and Zillow’s 2022 Home Trends backs this up even more.

It might be time to look for your next place to have an extra room not just for people to spend the night when visiting, but for you to just have a good cry/yelling sesh at the walls.

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