Dating Trends For 2022 According To Bumble & Hinge

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Just when you thought you understood the dating game it all changes with a new year, but don't worry because Bumble and Hinge are here to help you figure out how to date in 2022!

Both dating apps have revealed research they found from surveying their users last year about what they want for a date in 2022 and you might want to jot some of these down before you swipe right:

  • A focus on mental health - According to Hinge’s research for 2022, 91% of their users want to date someone who goes to therapy and 89% of daters say they’re more likely to agree to a second date if the person mentions therapy on the first date.
  • Skipping alcohol - Cocktails and dating tend to go hand in hand, but according to Bumble, 34% of users are more open to the idea of a dry date in 2022.
  • Getting right to it - Both apps indicated that users want to skip through the "talking" part of dating and go straight to a date so they don't waste their time.
  • Influencers beware - According to Hinge, 78% of users see someone being too obsessed with Instagram as a red flag and 82% feel the same way about Snapchat.
  • Consciously single, thanks for asking - Bumble reports that 53% of their users are content with the idea of being alone for a while so if you do secure a date just know that they are being intentional with their time.

You can read more from the research below or by going HERE!

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