Experts Say Doing These Four Things Will Help Your Relationship Last

couple in love crossed their arms in the shape of a heart in a restaurant on valentine's day

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We're all for finding love in 2023, but if you want things to last then you might want to do these four things experts say will help your relationship last in the long run.

Thanks to a panel of "relationship coaches" these are what you should do to keep a happy partnership with that special someone in your life:

  1. Communicate better - Couples who make important decisions or argue not through texting but by actually talking are better off. Who would think? People in successful relationships just talk to each other a lot (at least five hours more a week than those in less happy relationships).
  2. Don't be boring - Pairs who have positive interactions every day are more likely to win in life. Things like cooking together, giving a compliment, or even leaving a nice note is good for your companionship.
  3. Support each other - We all want to feel celebrated, but especially from our partners. Significant others who are proud of the other's achievements and cheer one another on are happier than those who are less enthusiastic about big news.
  4. Have intimacy - Being intimate once a week as opposed to once a month increases relationship happiness. The happiest couples, though, are intimate two to three times a week.

You can read more about each way to increase intimacy with your partner HERE, but at the end of the day just spend time with them!

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