Burger King Has A New 'Homecoming Deal' That Comes With Crowns

It's the beginning of one of our favorite times of the year because it's essentially Homecoming season and Burger King wants to help you make Homecoming an unforgettable night!

The fast-food chain just announced their first "BK Homecoming Meal" that is guaranteed to be a win no matter when you eat it during Homecoming weekend. The meal essentially is a "meal-for-two" and is perfect for anyone going to their first Homecoming dance with friends or end up by the end of the night having a date or someone special.

The Homecoming Meals are available at participating Burger King's nationwide starting today and with each meal you get:

  • two Whopper Jr. burgers
  • two milkshakes
  • a small order of onion rings
  • a small order of fries
  • Two Burger King crowns.

So no matter if you actually are selected as Homecoming King and Queen or just want to feel like royalty at the end of the night, Burger King is there for you!

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