These are ALL of the BEST Memorial Day Sales!

IT'S HERE! MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Or to me, the second biggest shopping weekend of the year. There are two times a year where I go nuts and stock up on everything that is either on my list I've been compiling, or the new fashions of the season. Yes, you saw that right. I compare this weekend to Black Friday weekend.

Here's why/where I'm actually shopping from: [but wait before you shop make sure you get Rakuten so you can get even more money off]



OTHER STORES KNOWN FOR THEIR SALES: Nordstrom, Overstock, Wayfair, Target, Walmart

I guess it's safe to say my next "what I bought last month" post will be STACKED with things.... if I can even keep track. [lol no chance]

What are YOU buying?! If you find a good sale I haven't listed, please LET A GIRL KNOW!