How Much Should EB Spend On Rob's Wedding Gift? - 3 Weddings & A Podcast

It's a GIRLS WEEK while Rob is GETTING MARRIED! EB is still trying to figure out her gift for him... We have our returning bride Kylie and a new [and our youngest!] bride-to-be Thao in to talk to us all about how the pandemic really messed up choosing a wedding date for the next few years! How did Kylie's wedding go and what was her stand-out moment? What went wrong? Why is Thao already having to look at 2023 for her wedding? Plus why should you get a sample from your DJ before the wedding? In the AISLE PILE: a bridezilla with a rulebook, newlyweds who tried to use a vacant mansion for their wedding, a tip for the best bachelorette gear and more!


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