VIDEO: Girl sobs over pierced mask

Sissy Sheridan is a 16 year old from Sterling, VA who has a web series with Nickelodeon called "DIY With Me."

She decided not to DIY her own new piercing like a lot of my friends have been doing with a $13 at home kit, and went to the trusty mall instead.

Now she's sobbing over the results because they accidentally pierced her mask behind her ear.....

She talked to Buzzfeed about it and shared some pics... and I have some questions, comments and concerns.

  1. Why not just take the backing of the earring off and slide the piece of the mask off? Looks like basic backing.
  2. When tf did mall piercings become $73?!
  3. If you wanna go viral, just slide something onto the back of your earring and work up a good cry and a story about how it's not your fault.
  4. Someone get her a part in a full Nick show ASAP
  5. This is the most 2020/quarantine video ever, tbh. Sad and mask-filled, with privilege.

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