VIDEO: Man fined for poop bombing ex-friend

I love creative people. Creative criminals, especially.

This man was mad because he thought his friend was stealing his tools... so he did exactly what they had both practiced in the past- he made a bomb out of an airbag from the dump and an old toolbox.... but also some poop.

From Oregon Live:

A 49-year-old man who had a falling out with a friend was sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation for filling a plastic toolbox with dog feces and setting it to explode when his former friend opened it.
Robb Alexander Stout told a judge that he went to a wrecking yard, retrieved an old air bag and packed it into the tool box with dog droppings covering it.
“So when it was open, it would just blow the dog crap on him,” Stout said.
Police sayStout set the device on the back of his former friend’s Camaro on April 16, and that when his friend fell for the trap, “it exploded with such force that it sounded like an M80 going off and the dog scat was blown out of the toolbox,” according to a probable-cause affidavit.
The friend wasn’t injured.

His interrogation in front of the judge is the best part. Look out for his reasoning about this not being the violent way out: