What elizabethany bought this month

Hi, my name is elizabethany, and I am an addict.... to shopping.

I'd like to think that I don't buy that much... that out of everything I order, I'm sending most of it back... but that's just not true. Now I need a way to justify all of my purchases, and this new blog series is it. Each month, I'll show you what I bought and if it was worth it or not. I'm assuming someone loves looking at Buzzfeed's Shopping section as much as I do and will find this worth their time.

This month I mostly bought things for my engagement photos and party.. or so I'd like to think. Some things had no reasoning at all.

I'm pretty big on ordering things that will be free shipping and returns. I change my mind on things a lot, or they don't fit, so it's necessary. That's why a majority of my things are always from Amazon, Asos, Lulu's, and a few others.

  • $17 White skater dress from Amazon- I thought this would be good for my engagement photos or party, but I was much too bloated and it wasn't as free-flowing as I'd hoped. It's crazy cute and cheap though, so I'm keeping it. As a firm believer in wearing white after summer, it'll be great with a jacket in the fall.
  • $26 Fauxback shirt- [I totally just made up that term and I'm really proud of myself] I've been looking for some sort of 90s-style tee, but I don't want to be a complete fraud and rep some band whose songs I can't recite on command. This works!
  • $11 Leopard shorts- I was also on a search for leopard shorts. I wanted denim, but these are so comfortable that I'll make them work [and probably still buy denim version later :)] See my outfit with them below!
  • $13 Heart earrings- I wanted to give a small gift to the girls who will be the flower girls in the wedding... but with it being a year away, it couldn't be something they'll wear. I went with these cute studs to match the burgundy color scheme.
  • $10 Resin earrings- Someone told me about a big sale at BaubleBar... and it was pretty solid- $10/pair of earrings. I decided to look for a dupe and found these on Amazon that looked the exact same and were 1/10 the price.
  • $20 White skirt- I bought two of these for my engagement photos/party. I wore the grey one [see here] for the photos, and the white one at the party. The grey is going back.. the white has a nice crab stain on it that I'm hoping to conceal.
  • $24 Tubes- After I got in an accident with my friends last month, the other person's insurance gave me some settlement money and I wanted to make sure my friends got a cut. They decided they wanted some tubes. The reviews said it's not smart to connect these cuz it'll rip, which is sad, but the tube itself is good.
  • $17 Waffle tank- This was a total Buzzfeed suggestion. It's a little longer than I'd hoped, but my brother told me I looked nice for once the day I wore it with very ripped up jeans. That was new.

Also... I ALWAYS use Rakuten when I'm shopping. So many people told me to use it for years [it used to be ebates] and I'm not sure why I just signed up a couple months ago. I've already gotten $88 back, and $14 from this month alone. Do it!