EB embarrasses her brother on the street after he loses a bet

Did you know my brother and I have a podcast? It started as a very Redskins-centric podcast, but then we realized it was more fun to talk about everything- our lives, pop culture, sibling debates, and yes- football.

We do a pick'em bet... every episode we pick one game, and each pick a team to win. If our team wins, we get a point. At the end of the season, I had way more points than him, so he had to walk along the street wearing whatever I chose, holding whatever sign I made for him.

Years ago I made a Twitter Bird costume that seemed perfect for the occasion... with the addition of a rainbow tutu because ain't nobody need to be seeing a brother in tights. Things need to be covered. He got dressed, held a to-the-point sign, and hung out on the sidewalk for a while so people could take pics, ask questions, and hopefully post it on their story or something.

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