I'd like to think I'm getting a lot better at picking out dresses for weddings now that I'm in my 7th year of going to them as a grown adult... but this week had me questioning my morals. 

I ordered a dress from NastyGal that looked floral and appropriate and trendy and beautiful.... and then it ended up being super low cut, and a vagina-slip waiting to happen. 

It may not look bad there, but I put two safety pins in there... in the cleavage and then hip area. If I put my arms up or stepped in the wrong direction, there was a definite underwear flash. Needless to say, I wasn't doing my usual ownage of the dancefloor, and that's a shame. 

Twas a beautiful wedding, though. I especially loved the super long dinner table that fit EVERYONE... with family style servings. 

I also got to do some water sports like waterskiing to let me know I'm still relatively in shape... kinda.