Women Loses Thousands to Fake Fitness Trainer

Here's a new angle from the classic online romance scam; Petronica Williams says that a man claiming to be a good-looking NYC fitness trainer messaged her with "Hey, gorgeous, I want to get to know you."

The "trainer" sent videos to Williams showing him training some of the stars of VH1's Love and Hip Hop and continued to woo her with declarations of love. He even wanted to train Williams at his NYC studio and invited her to visit him...after he got back from a fitness training gig in Africa.

Romeo later sent Williams a message saying he was stuck in Africa and needed money for a plane ticket and then needed more money since he was being held in the country for due taxes. Williams sent him over $2,000 in a Moneygram before he stopped texting completely. She believes the scammer was in West Africa the whole time.