Karyn Schell, President of DP Solutions

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Karyn Schell possesses an incredible strength, energy and vitality for all things I.T. and is driven by creating the ultimate Client experience.

As President of DP Solutions, Karyn is responsible for creating and implementing the company vision, culture, mission and overall direction; maintaining awareness of opportunities for expansion, markets, new industry developments and standards; and forming long lasting and deep trust relationships with clients.

Karyn is an immensely qualified and experienced executive who thoroughly understands all segments of our business and is able to identify areas for improvement to the benefit of both our clients and our staff.  

She is proudly leading DP Solutions forward and upward as one of the fastest growing and most highly rated Managed Services Providers in the Mid-Atlantic!

Karyn joined DP Solutions in 2007 as a Project Manager and Distribution Applications Specialist and was responsible for selling and implementing IBM-hardware based distribution systems across the Mid-Atlantic. In 2010 she was appointed as Operations Manager and took on responsibility for all of the product and service delivery aspects of the organization including customer experience. In 2011 Ms. Schell was promoted to the role of Vice President of Operations and in this capacity she developed her executive skills in preparation for her future role as President. 

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