Ben Affleck's 10-Year-Old Son Gets Behind The Wheel, Crashes Expensive Car

Photo: Getty Images

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's trip to a car dealership ended unexpectedly when the Argo actor's 10-year-old son got behind the wheel and accidentally backed into another car.

Samuel, Affleck's son with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, experienced his first fender bender when he seemingly backed a Lamborghini into a BMW while at luxury car rental dealership 777 Exotics in Los Angeles with his dad and soon-to-be stepmother on Sunday (June 26). The couple were looking at some of the cars on the lot when the youngster took the wheel.

According to TMZ, the 10-year-old hopped into the driver's seat of a yellow Lambo and put the running car into reverse, mistakenly backing into the front of a white BMW. There didn't seem to be too much damage, if any, after the Lambo's rear bumper tapped the BMW's front fender. See the pics here.

Employees at the dealership said there was no accident and that the cars were simply parked close together, the outlet reports. However, Samuel jumped out of the car to investigate any potential damage from the accident. Following the incident, TMZ reached out to Affleck for a comment. A representative for the actor said that everyone was OK, echoing the dealership's sentiment and said that there was no damage.

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