Jared Leto Reveals If He Would Ever Collaborate With Lady Gaga

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Jared Leto and Lady Gaga star alongside each other in the new film House of Gucci, but would they ever consider a musical collaboration? During a recent interview with NME, Leto revealed if his band Thirty Seconds To Mars had plans to write a song with the pop star.

“I mean, that would be fun. I danced with her already so that was enough for me," he said. “But that would be fun. She’s a terrific artist and I think she’s just a real talent. I have a lot of respect for her…her bravery.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he said that TSTM have written around 200 songs since the pandemic hit and detailed how working on House of Gucci helped influence new music.

“There are a lot of those sounds that definitely are on the new [Thirty Seconds To Mars] album,” he explained of the '70s and '80s pop hits that soundtracked the movie. “My first instrument was a Roland Juno 106, which is a synthesiser from the ’80s. I really cherished that instrument, and those sounds are so nostalgic."

“Those sounds [from that decade] are kinda embedded in our psyche, and they really speak directly to our heart sometimes," he added. "They take us back to the films that we grew up on. So I love to pull from that stuff.”

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