Women Most Likely To Wear Mask On First Date

Dating in the age of coronavirus looks a little different than it used to and along with trying to come up with socially distant date ideas, singles are figuring out how face masks fit into their plans. Do you wear one or not? A new survey from Adult Friend Finder reveals the answer may depend on your gender. It finds that women are 30% more likely to mask up on a first date than men.

These results back up what other surveys have shown. Gallup has been tracking face mask use in U.S. adults since April and their latest poll finds that 54% of women say they always wear a mask, but only 34% of men do. Adult Friend Finder’s survey also reveals there’s a noticeable age gap between those willing to don a mask on a date and those who won’t. Folks under 30 were three times more likely than those over 50 to go on a first date wearing a mask.

And we get it, you’re trying to make the best first impression possible on a first date, so covering half of your face with a mask may not seem ideal. But the thing is, experts say it’s necessary to help slow the spread of COVID-19, plus it’ll help keep you healthy so you’re ready for date number two.

Source:Best Life