Guy Tweets About Crabs Being Served With Gravy & People Are Repulsed

Twitter can be a wild place and this just reinforces the statement.

User @KanyeVotes shared a screenshot of steamed crabs sitting in brown gravy simply with the caption "Maryland Crab and WHAT?!" and Twitter reacted with STRONG opinions.

  • "This should be labeled as false & dangerous & removed off of twitter immediately."
  • "Why did they disrespect them crabs like that"
  • "I can't process this abomination"
  • "This is too far."
  • So that poor crab died for nothing

In addition to the comments, a plethora of disgusted reaction .gifs rolled in under the replies and honestly, they're all on point because who, what, when, where and why would someone cook their crabs like this?!

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