Quarantine Habits That Are Relationship Red Flags

You’ve been locked up tight with your boo for quite a bit...so you’ve probably learned a couple of their quirks you’ve never noticed before. Some of them might be cute, others might be annoying...but hopefully? None of them are toxic. According to the experts, there are a few quarantine behaviors that should stand out to you as major red flags.Like what? Like these:

  • Not Giving You Alone Time.You’ve most likely figured out during the lockdown that no matter how much you love your boo, you still need your alone time. If they’ve been making you feel bad for wanting to get away, that’s not good at all. Marriage therapistMelissa Divaris Thompson says it may be an indication that they’re codependent, or at the very least, that they don’t respect your needs.
  • Dominating Your Discussions About Safety Measures.According to psychotherapist Laurel Steinberg, “being steamrolled by your partner about anything is a red flag because it shows disrespect.” There’s no way you’re always going to see eye-to-eye about everything, but when your partner is constantly interrupting and ignoring you that’s a major issue. Especially when it comes to something as important as your health.
  • Lying About Who They Spent Time With.Look, we know lying sucks in general, but these days...it’s a health concern, too. "Everyone has to work together and when you are quarantining together,” says Thompson. “It's super important to be honest about who you are in contact with." If you call out your boo and they own it? Good. If they get snappy or defensive...well, we’re pretty sure you can figure out what time it is.
  • Pressuring You To Do Anything In Public Before You're Ready.Again, this is about boundaries. People that are worth you, will listen and key in to where you’re at. "Everyone has a different timeline and experience for what they feel comfortable with," explains Thompson. "Being able to honor your partner's needs are important."
  • Shutting Down Around Tough Topics.We all get stressed, but really? Being able to navigate difficult subjects says a lot about ‘where’ you are. “Things happen in life that are stressful, and if your partner is not willing to communicate, this could be a red flag," Thompson says. "Everyone is running high emotionally, but the most important thing is: are they willing to work through these challenges?"

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Source:Elite Daily