*LIST* The Top Words Of 2020

Well, here’s some news that probably won't come as a shock to many. A new report by Global Language Monitor reveals that only half way through 2020, Covid, has emerged as the Top Word of the Year.

According to Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst of GL, “'covid' has outranked all previous Words of the Year in the 21st century by a factor of 100, or more."

Also not surprising, six of the Top Ten words of the year are all Covid-related, including COVID-19, Coronavirus, Corona, face mask and social distancing. Other corona relates words in the Top 20 include flatten the curve, lockdown, symptoms and outbreak.

Top Ten Words of 2020

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  1. Covid 
  2. Covid-19 
  3. Coronavirus 
  4. Corona 
  5. Face mask 
  6. Progress 
  7. Truth 
  8. Social Distancing 
  9. Trade War 
  10. Sustainability 

Source:Language Monitor