Cardi B Pays Respects To Her Late Grandmother With Sweet Message

Cardi B penned a heartfelt tribute to her late grandmother eight years after her passing.

On Monday (November 11), the 27-year-old rapper took to Instagram to pay her respects, writing, "Good morning guys ❤️My grandma passed away 11-11-11. I look down on my phone is 11:11.I know for a fact she watching me .Thank you Lord for them small little messages that let me know you real."

The "YES" rapper additionally shared a shot of her iPhone screen, which read: "11:11."

Days before writing her heartfelt message to her grandmother, Cardi was delivering quite a different message on social media to some very aggressive Internet trolls. As previously reported, Cardi let it be known that she's not afraid to pull up on keyboard gangsters when she literally went to confront a troll fave-to-face after a Nicki Minaj fan called her out on Twitter for allegedly throwing shade at Nicki.

Here's what went down:

Around the same time that news dropped about Nicki's latest collab with Karol G, Cardi tweeted: "Cause I passed on it ... now sip on that."

While Cardi didn't call Nicki out by name or even hint at who or what she was referring to, Nicki's fanbase, the Barbz, began attacking Cardi for the comment. One alleged Barb even threatened Cardi, writing, "don't get beat up." The "YES" rapper then replied, "By who? Cause I'm 46 and 8th ave in NY in case somebody want to see me !"

A seemingly different Internet troll then shared a video of himself standing at the location too. However, when Cardi arrived he was nowhere to be found. "Baby I'm still right here," she said in a video."I'm still right here just in case somebody wanna see me. Stop, now leave me alone."

Still not wanting to drop the beef, the troll responded with a video of his own, saying, "I'm on the block, skrt skrt, where you at?"

After some more back and forth, Cardi and the troll came to face-to-face. However, he switched his tune, saying he had no plans on fighting Cardi. In fact, he claimed that he and his friend were fans of hers who just so happened to be at the corner "at the same time" when she tweeted out her location.

"I'm not about trolling, I pull the f**k up," Cardi responded.

Photo: Getty Images

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