Men Who "Attacked" Jussie Smollett Had Gun & Ammo Confiscated From Home

The Osundairo brothers, aka the two men that Jussie Smollett had paid to stage an attack on him, possessed a safe containing a weapon and multiple rounds of ammunition. TMZ has reported that Chicago PD raided their home back in February and it was then that they made this discovery. In a 500 page document, it is revealed that the following were confiscated by authorities during the raid:

  • a hipoint model C9, 9MM caliber semi-auto pistolĀ 
  • 9MM caliber magazine with live rounds
  • 45ACP caliber magazines
  • Boxes labeled Remington 22 Rounds
  • a box labeled Hornady 00 buck shotgun shells

It was also reported that 2 small bags were discovered that contained a white powder, but it is currently unknown what that substance was.

Thumbnail photo: Getty



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