Garbageman Saves Elderly Woman from California Fires

A garbageman heroically saved the life of a 93-year-old woman during the wildfires in Paradise, California. Dane Ray Cummings raced toward the flames to check on an elderly community on his normal garbage route when he saw Margaret Newsum on her front porch. Newsum was recovering from a broken back and would have been unable to flee the scene without the help from someone. 

Newsum, the former backup singer to Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. said about Cummings, "You are the most wonderful creature that God produced." 

After being called a hero, Cummings humbly said, "Nah. It wasn't about being a hero, it was about letting my friends know that I could help them."

The wildfires continue to rage on in California. The city of Paradise, CA has been hit among the worst losing an estimated 150,000 acres and tallying up 85 deaths to date. 


Photo: Screen Shot


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