Would Banning Right Turns on Red Make Traveling Safer?


The country's capital is looking to make a change to increase safety for bikers and commuters. The change would be directly aimed at banning right turns on red lights. The news comes after a report from The Washington Post which details the increasing rates of traffic deaths. D.C. has already surpassed the traffic deaths from 2017. 

This change has been contradicted with the argument that changing right on red would actually decrease safety. The article highlights the two sides of the fight with Greg Billing, the executive director of the Washington Area Bicycling Association, and John B. Townsend II, a spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic. 

"We just say, when a red light is red, don’t go — don’t go in any direction,” Billing said. “Turning right on red is dangerous for people. It’s dangerous for drivers and for pedestrians especially.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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