BARCS Animal Shelter Out Of Space And Waiving Fees

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BARCS, a local shelter in Baltimore, has run out of space to house other dogs looking for a home. Below is the statement the shelter sent out over both Facebook and Instagram:

BARCS is completely out of space and we are waiving fees for in-shelter animals until Friday, June 8 at 6 p.m. to help find homes for the animals in our care. We have over 100 animals in need of immediate placement.

We open tomorrow from 2 – 6 p.m. for adoptions.

This little guy needs a home! To read more about Marco, click here

RESCUE/ADOPTION NEEDED IMMEDIATELY, OUT OF SPACE: Marco needs adoption or rescue immediately. Our shelter is completely full and we are out of space, so we are coming to you again because we have nowhere else to turn. Today, you helped save Tia's life through adoption and now we need your help to save Marco's life, too. Marco desperately needs to find a home. His situation is considered an emergency. Marco came to BARCS through Baltimore City Animal Control when his owner could no longer afford to care for his medical needs. Marco had begun having mobility issues and was no longer acting like himself. He had lost his ability to climb the stairs and could no longer bear weight on his back legs. As soon as he arrived at BARCS, it was evident to our medical staff that Marco was in excruciating pain. At just five years old, Marco weighs over 110 lbs which is morbidly obese for a dog of his size and breed. Upon further examination from our veterinary staff, it was also discovered that on top of the mobility issues caused by Marco's weight, he has an injured ACL, hip dysplasia and degenerative joint disease. Marco needs to lose about 40 lbs to become healthy enough to receive the surgery he needs. He is looking for a very special adopter who will maintain a close relationship with their family veterinarian for his continued medical care. Marco can be a bit nervous when meeting new people but warms up almost instantly. We can't blame him for being wary, because in his former home strangers used to throw stones and objects at Marco when he was in his front yard. We can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing to this gentle giant. But, like so many dogs, Marco continues to seek affection from all humans. Dogs are amazing in that way. Though Marco is on medication here at BARCS to manage his pain levels, it does not mask all of his discomfort. However, even through his pain, Marco is trusting and surrenders himself fully to our staff. He often will up nuzzle up to you and look up with his big brown eyes, as if saying “thank you for taking care of me.” Marco has so much life left to live—so many snuggles left to give.

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