Ne-Yo Talks World Of Dance, Good Man And Gets A Call From His Wife

Mike Miller got to catch up backstage with Ne-Yo before we kicked off our Kane Show's Second Chance Prom at Rams Head Live as a part of our Z Summer Concert Series presented by Attorney Big Al

First of all, if you aren't watching World of Dance on NBC, you should be. Miller is a huge fan and got to ask Ne-Yo what actually happens backstage and during commercial breaks. The best thing that we learned is that Ne-Yo has nicknamed one of his co-hosts, Jennifer Lopez, "Snack Mama" because she's always eating. He even goes as far as to show the shape of her body, as if we didn't already know that it's perfect and banging. 


Ne-Yo's new album "Good Man" is being released on June 8. He told us a little bit about why he wrote the album and what it's about. Basically, he needs to teach guys these days what it's like to be a good man!


One of the three songs Ne-Yo has already released from "Good Man" is called "Apology". He says that he wrote the song "not to [apologize] for the sake of forgiveness" but that he's "apologizing because [he] realizes the hurt that [he] caused" women in his past. 

He's literally a GOOD man. 


When Miller asked Ne-Yo when his wife was due to give birth, he answered any day now. We almost thought we were going to have a #ZSummer baby because she called during the middle of the interview! Ne-Yo answered because he's a good man.


Check out the full interview below:



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