Meghan Markle's Last Episode Of Suits Ends With A Wedding

As the date of the next Royal Wedding approaches, a different wedding closes a chapter of Meghan Markle's life: Suits.

Markle first appeared on the show as the feisty paralegal who insisted she would never date her coworkers (*ahem* MIKE.) and was only there to work.

On April 25th, after 7 long years, her character Rachel Zane wedded longtime boyfriend Mike Ross in the season finale of the legal drama. Not only did the fans love the fairytale wedding decorations, but also fell in love with the vows Rachel and Mike shared.

Patrick Adams, Markle's co-star and on-screen love interest, also tweeted how important this show was to him.

Don't worry though, guys! Markle isn't leaving us considering her ROYAL WEDDING is May 19th!!