Deaf Uber Driver Has Communication Tips For Riders

Twitter user, @lilghostgirl, posted a picture on the website of the sign her uber drive, Onur, displayed in his car about how to communicate with him during their rides.

Uber Teaches American Sign Language (ASL)

From Uber's Sign hello to your next driver who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing Article:

We believe in technology’s power to bring people together and create opportunities where they didn’t exist before. It’s why we launched features in 2015 designed with the community of Deaf or Hard of Hearing drivers in mind. And it’s why we’re excited to take another step forward by giving riders the tools needed to connect with drivers who use American Sign Language (ASL).

To wrap up National Deaf Awareness Month, riders can learn how to sign basic phrases in ASL right from the Uber app.

Riders will see a special card in the Uber feed. Once they tap it, they’ll be taken to a page where they can select the basics, like “Hello” and “Thank You,” or spell out their name. They’ll then be given a GIF with the word(s) in ASL. That way, they can better communicate with their Deaf or Hard of Hearing driver, because signing “Thank You” or “Hello” in ASL can go a long way.



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