We Talked With Chyler Leigh Formerly 'Lexie Grey' Of Grey's Anatomy

Lexie Grey was an amazing character, but Alex Danvers would totally win. Hands down.

She used to perform surgerys along side super hot Mcsteamy on Grey's Anatomy, Chyler Leigh has since moved on to play a not so new character, that fans love! 

Leigh, also known as the Bad-A** Agent Danvers - the older sister to Supergirl- came to Baltimore with her husband to perform with East Of Eli at Metro Gallery, which made her SG fans fangirl.


With Season 3 on hiatus, Leigh's had a little bit of time to tour with her husband's band for their #EOELostTransmission Tour. The pair ventured up and down the east coast, even took the show on a boat.

The couple performed early for VIP-ers, signed photos, and sat down with their fans to speak to them about the importance of a female driven show, the importance of an LGBTQ+ character being portrayed positively in the media, and how they hope to convey these message through music.

In Season 2 of Supergirl, Leigh's character Alex Danvers, experienced a self-awareness and coming out process that touched so many LGBTQ+ people's lives. With the introduction of Maggie Sawyer, a NCPD cop who was also part of the community, Leigh's character started to question her life and past experiences. The amount of responses Leigh and co-star Floriana Lima got from this storyline, was amazing. With that being said, West and Leigh hope to draw as many fans of both by encouraging them to Never Give Up.


The season returns with it's 14th episode on April 16th, and Alex Danvers has had a very tough ride in the beginning of the season. Dealing with the breakup of her first actual relationship, with someone who helped her discover herself, is a hard thing to grasp for the character, but Leigh was nice enough to let us know that fans will not be let down. 

"It's actually such an amazing episode, and I'm super stoked that that's...no pun intended...I always do that," Leigh drops her head in laughter, "But, you see everybody, the opening beginning is like, we're all singing karaoke at the, so you hear everybody singing, so it's a great way to come back when we do."


"Something really cool for Alex and I'm really excited about something that I've wanted since season one. So it's going to happen. I'm happy. I'm stoked and you'll see. You'll see what I mean! You'll go like *snaps* that's what she was saying!"


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