Nathan West, Founder of East Of Eli, Wants To Inspire Through His Music

Marking halfway through their tour, that had a bit of a rough waters due to the boat they we're performing on, WestLeigh as fans like to call them, let us interview them post their incredibly inspiring show.

Chyler Leigh, also known as Alex Danvers from Supergirl and Dr. Lexie Grey in Grey's Anatomy, and her husband Nathan West aka East Of Eli, were in Baltimore on Saturday, and the fans came flocking. 


West, the founder and lead singer of East Of Eli, performed with his wife, Chyler Leigh, at Metro Gallery.

The night started off with a meet and greet where fans got to hang out with the pair. The VIP group got to learn a little more about West's creative process, and how tough, but extremely rewarding, it can be for Leigh to tour along with her hubby, while also tackling the extremely important role of Alex Danvers.


West describe's the sound as, "...our very unique genre. Cinematic folk pop, with a modern electronic sound...we're alternative in a lot of ways. I'm a music lover and I try to cross as many genres as I can." 

Inspiration for his Lost Transmission tour came from West's love for U2's music, and bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden.

The couple, who have been together since they were 16 and 19, are so passionate about helping people and encouraging people to never give up, that it bring such a positivity to these events that many people don't have, that companies like T-Mobile and TWLOHA want to join in their efforts to continue this positive message of hope and faith.


T-Mobile teamed up for the show to help bring awareness to what West and Leigh due for the community. Communities like To Write Love On Her Arms came to the show on Saturday to help raise money for Mental Health Awareness and how people faces these issues on the daily.

In Season 2 of Supergirl, Leigh's character Alex Danvers, experienced a self-awareness and coming out process that touched so many LGBTQ+ people's lives. With that being said, West and Leigh hope to draw as many fans of both by encouraging them to Never Give Up.

"I think one thing that we've come to like what we're watching this journey. Yes, there was a big draw was when people like Sanvers [LGBTQ Supergirl characters] fans, people that are fans of a Supergirl, but they're coming in. There's kind of like that that are like, 'Oh wow, we get a chance to do, you know, to meet her, to meet him, to like be part of that process,' and we started to talk to these fans and they're sharing from like this depth in their soul and they sit there and they start, even if they started out for something like that, they're listening to the songs and his lyrics and his message and his story and everything that he sharing, and that's the draw. And it's amazing because when I get to be a part of it, it's icing."



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