#WinterStormToby Is Taking Over The DMV And Michael Scott Isn't Happy

#WinterStormToby is here which means it's time to hunker down in the house.


The snow is happening which means so are the pajamas and the spiked hot chocolate. 

But it's also Spring, so....here are your things to do to take your mind off the fact THAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE WARM.

Of course, binge watch The Office. Duh.

Make some fancy hot chocolate - Recipe.


I mean, there's wine...of course. 🤷🏽

Spontaneous photoshoots?


Start that home DIY project that you really want to do but have zero motivation? Or learn how todo that fancy brush and hand lettering? 

Pinterest is fabulous on days like this.


Mad that you can't make it to the gym today? Indoor workouts are perfect for snow days.

Tone It Up is perfect for this!


Make this snow day your B!


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