Can you guess what was named best movie set in the DMV?

Thrillist named The Blair Witch Project (1999) as Maryland's best set movie.



"When The Blair Witch Project came to Sundance in 1999, it quickly became the talk of the festival. Here was a $30,000 indie masquerading as a compilation of real footage shot by three hikers who died under mysterious circumstances. The result was a $140 million blockbuster that propelled the found-footage subgenre into the mainstream. While the movie's success saw a number of sequels, it's the original that remains one of the most influential horror films to this day -- and perhaps a pox on its backdrop, Burkittsville."

Thrillist named Remember the Titans (2000) as Virginia's best set movie.


Virginia surprisingly doesn't offer itself as a setting for a whole lot of movies that aren't explicitly DC films (give the District statehood!), limiting the options for the state. Fortunately, Disney's true story of the recently desegregated T.C. Williams football team as it named a black head coach over a popular, white, hall of fame-bound incumbent takes on the troubling history of Virginia's role in American racism, tied up in an inspirational sports movie package. Denzel Washington's sheer charisma would probably make him a half-decent coach in real life, and while the movie indulges in many of the expected cliches, it's got heart and grit to spare." 

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DJ Khaled's New Song "Top Off" Ft. Jay Z, Beyonce, & Future


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