Has Orange Crush season started in Baltimore?

Just 3 weeks ago, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and told us there would be 6 more weeks of winter. WHY IS IT NOW 70-80 DEGREES? Baltimore is not mad at it though because that means the early start of Orange Crush season! 

We compiled a list of our favorite bars in Baltimore to get you ready for the next best thing: Orioles Opening Day!

The first on our wonderful lists of bars to grab a crush is Ryleigh's Oyster in Baltimore County.


Ryleigh's offers not only offers the original orange, but also grapefruit and other seasonal varieties, like watermelon!

Next on the list is Hard Yacht Cafe!


Home of the $6 crush, WITH 6 DIFFERENT FLAVORS AND A DOCK BAR, summer is coming early with their dock bar and that delicious looking pizza! Oh - Did I mention they have a bartender named Courtney Cox? 

Next up, Mama's on the Half Shell on O'Donnell Street!


Mama's is Crushin' it with their fresh fruit game! 

Patrick "Scunny" McCusker, the late owner of Nacho Mama's and Mama's on the Half Shell, helped bring the original orange crush recipe from Ocean City, MD, to Baltimore. To this day, both restaurants keep the original recipe honoring the well-loved Maryland tradition. 

Another bar to head to is The Chasseur in Canton, home of the Watermelon Basil Crush!


Look at all of those vodka options to chose from!

Next up: Looney's of Canton!


Sports and crushes, that's what Maryland does!

In Baltimore, we don't hit, we CRUSH. 


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